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4 useful things to know before moving your family to Brazil

Moving your family abroad is a daunting task, from organising working visas and brushing up on a new language to packing up and shipping your possessions to your new home. Brazil is a country that comes loaded with stunning scenery, picturesque architecture and fascinating wildlife, and it’s also an increasingly popular destination for expats looking for a new adventure.

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Does My Spouse Become a Canadian Citizen When We Get Married?

Not surprisingly, this is actually one of the most common questions that we receive when it comes to immigration issues for Expats. However, the short answer to this is unfortunately, “No.”  Your spouse does not automatically become a Canadian Citizen when you get married.  In fact, he or she is not automatically eligible for even permanent residence status.  The road to citizenship follows the same path as those that do not have family connections.  An important number to remember is 1,095.  This is the number of days out of five years that one must be present in Canada in order to be eligible for Canadian Citizenship.

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The Canadian Expat is excited to announce that the Supreme Court of Canada has granted the Canadian Expat leave to intervene in the case before the court regarding the inability of Canadians living abroad for extended time to vote in federal elections.  This is a gigantic step as nearly half of applications to leave were rejected.  What this means is that the Canadian Expat will now formally be permitted to present information in support of the right to vote.

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Starting on October 24th , Trowbridge Professional Corporation will begin a fall road trip to Singapore, Australia, Cayman Islands and Bermuda to hold free seminars covering (among other topics):

  • Canadian residency for tax purposes

  • Canadian filing and reporting requirements

  • Tax planning for Canadian expats, either departing Canada or arriving in Canada

  • Ownership of property in Canada and the tax implications for Canadian non-resident

  • Tax implications for ownership of investments in Canada and abroad for Canadian non-residents

  • AND Questions about other expatriate tax issues will be answered

If you have any questions at all about your tax situation in regards to how it might relate back to Canada, take advantage of these opportunities to meeting with one of the most experienced firms in Canada.

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As a Canadian expat living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the ongoing discussion regarding Zunira Ishaq’s desire to wear a niqab during her Canadian citizenship ceremony is very interesting from myriad perspectives. Equally intriguing are the opinions put forth by Manitoban Hutterite, Mary-Ann Kirby on the Oct. 9th, 2015 CBC News regarding her mother who chose to wear a distinctive, traditional headscarf, along with those expressed by Edmonton Journal columnist Paula Simons in her article published Oct. 4, 2015, ‘Don’t Like the Niqab? Don’t Wear One.’

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