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After two months of collecting nominations, boiling that list down to the top 10 most nominated individuals, and finally putting that list out to for another solid two months to be voted on by both members of the Canadian Expat community and by others around the world.  The Canadian Expat is thrilled to announce the winner of the Most Influential Canadian Expat.


As voted on by peers, we are proud to announce that Beth Parker-Minchau, the first non American, non Saudi lawyer working for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia and hence the first Canadian lawyer has been selected as the most influential Canadian Expat. She is also the first female non Saudi lawyer. Beth is impacting Canada by setting an amazing example and moving in circles other Canadians have not been able to enter to this point. She sets an amazing example to Saudi females with her female Canadian work ethic. She provides outstanding lawyers serves for Saudi Aramco. As well, she provides legal services to Canadians living in Saudi Arabia.

We look forward to speaking with Beth in the near future and will publish an article about her.

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