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Election day is less then a week away and as we have been mentioning in our Newsletter we asked the Conservatives; Liberals; New Democrats and the Greens two straightforward questions:

  1. In your Parties’ view what value do Canadian Expat’s provide to Canada?
  2. Is there value in encouraging Canadian Expats to vote in Canadian elections while they are living and working abroad?

As of this date, only the New Democrats and the Liberals have responded (Links to responses:  New Democrats  &  Liberals). The Conservatives and the Greens have declined to provide a response.

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1. Matrix-famous Keanu Reeves was born abroad, but became a naturalized Canadian citizen. He grew up, raised primarily by grandparents, in the Greater Toronto Area. Originally hoping to play Canada’s favourite sport, hockey, an early injury turned his attention to the big screen, and his film and acting career began in 1985. Many of his first stage and screen appearances were in Canada, including one role portraying a Quebecois goalie. He now owns a home in Hollywood and an apartment in Manhattan, New York.


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