A big part of the mandate of The Canadian Expat is to help Canadians living abroad succeed. Of the 2.8 million Canadians living outside of Canada's borders there are a significant number of musicians, writers, film makers, and other visual and performing artists.  We want to help you succeed both while abroad and back home.

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In less than a month, the lawyers that will be bringing this case forward, Shaun O'Brien and Amanda Darrach (at the firm Cavalluzo) will file the paperwork that asks the Supreme Court of Canada to hear a challenge to the law that bars Canadians from voting after living outside of the country for more than five years. 

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The BC Civil Liberties Association is taking on an initiative to let you know about a Charter challenge which they have just filed against Bill C-24, the so-called Strengthening Citizenship Act. This challenge might be of interest to anyone who maintains dual citizenship.

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Taking place from October 1-3, Toronto Homecoming 2015 is the ultimate event for Canadians or people with strong ties to Canada who are currently living/working abroad and looking to return home. This annual event connects talented professionals living abroad with dozens of top employers in Toronto such as: TD, Rogers, KPMG, CPP Investment Board, Google, Shopify and Loblaws. 

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The Canadian Expat is disappointed and perplexed by the recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision to uphold federal voting restrictions that deny Canadians the right to vote in a federal election if they have been living abroad for more than five years.

This decision is bad for democracy, bad for Canada and bad for improving voter participation. We offer four reasons as to why this is the case.

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