Trailblazer? You bet she is

AU MBA alumni Denise Pothier officially became one of Canada’s most powerful women after receiving WXN’s Top 100™ Award November 2018.

“It’s not like you decide one day over breakfast that you’re going to be a champion, trendsetter, or trailblazer,” explains Denise Pothier, vice-president Practice Services and vice-president Indigenous Relations at Stantec Consulting Ltd., in response to winning one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100™ Awards from Women’s Executive Network (WXN).

Pothier loved school. She was great at math and solving problems, but it wasn’t until Grade 11 that she ever considered engineering as a career choice.

During a routine parent-teacher meeting, Philippe Doucet, her Gr. 11 chemistry teacher, asked Pothier’s mother what Denise’s career plans were. Pothier had considered many things, but never engineering. Mr. Doucet strongly suggested that she did.

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Microgaming and the Art of Giving

An essential aspect of any successful business is giving back to the community, achieved in numerous ways. A current case was that of the company Microgaming and their support towards victims of sexual violence.

Microgaming is an award-winning company that started in 1994 and is amongst the leading software developers of online casino games. Majority of the top online casinos today use games developed by Microgaming including the ever-famous progressive slots that can lead to some life-changing wins. When ranking the best Microgaming based sites, high-rated functionality is something that is always evident in all of them. Factors such as banking and software get equal importance that makes playing on these online casinos enjoyable, safe, and profitable.

The Microgaming Health and Care Trust is an initiative by the company to provide people in need with the best support possible. The aim is not just to provide financial support, but also to help individuals and organisations with training. This results in confident and skilful members of the society. The Trust has been involved with charities across the board providing backing and attention as needed. 

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Why Africa is an Underrated Destination for Expats

When we think of expat destinations, Asian and European countries are perhaps the ones that most frequently come to mind. However, Africa has plenty to offer if you’re not above giving up the comforts of a large expat community. A growing number of people have recognized the opportunities that abound in the newly-revitalized continent, and while few expats have made their lives in Africa, generally speaking, it’s likely to enter more and more conversations in the coming years.

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Canadian International School Bangalore, Ranked Among India's Top 3 International Schools

Canadian International School in Bangalore India has been ranked as one of India's Top 3 International Schools by The Education World's India School Rankings 2018-19. A survey conducted in collaboration with Centre for Forecasting & Research (C fore), interviewed 12,214 people, including teachers, students, parents, principals, and educationists from 27 cities to rate the country's top 1,000 schools in 13 categories.

"It is truly an honor to be recognized as one of India's Top 3 International Schools. It is an affirmation to all that we try to do our best each and every day for our students and families," said Mr. Ted Mockrish Ed.D, Head of School. "Educators often go as unsung heroes in children's lives, so it is really great to have this recognition for our teachers and support staff who make our school what it is. Well done CIS faculty and staff," added Mr. Mockrish.

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