Voting Rights to be Restored to Expats through Bill C-76

Voting Rights to be Restored to Expats through Bill C-76

The Liberal Government has introduced Bill C-76 which, among many other amendments to the Canadian Election act, removes two limitations on voting by Canadians living abroad. It will now no longer be necessary to have been residing outside Canada for less than five consecutive years.  Nor, will it be required that to intend to return to Canada to resume residence in the future.  In other words, all Canadians living abroad will be able to vote once this bill has passed.

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Work and travel abroad with International Experience Canada

Work and travel abroad with International Experience Canada

If you are a Canadian Youth or if you have a child that is a Canadian citizen aged 18-35,  even if you currently live abroad, International Experience Canada (IEC) offers you the opportunity to work and travel abroad. IEC provides you a path to a work permit or visa to work and explore in one of over 30 countries and territories.

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The Canadian Expat to Open Facilities Abroad

The Canadian Expat to Open Facilities Abroad

The Canadian Expat is proud to announce that it is in the first steps of securing a series of properties in strategic locations around the world. Los Angeles, New York, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Dubai are in the crosshairs of the organization as it seeks to support Canadians and Canadian Entrepreneurs abroad. “These six cities are amongst the highest in terms of Canadian population.” Says Allan Nichols, president of the Canadian Expat. “Our goal is to support Canadians as they work to do what they do best, that is providing value back to Canada.”

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Stepping Forward

Influential Canadian Expat Beth Minchau Shares Her Thoughts on Working as a Lawyer in Saudi Arabia

Beth Minchau was in a store in Saudi Arabia, juggling her kids while trying to pay for her purchases, when she had one of her biggest “culture shock” moments.

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The Most Influential Canadian Expat 2017

After two months of collecting nominations, boiling that list down to the top 10 most nominated individuals, and finally putting that list out to for another solid two months to be voted on by both members of the Canadian Expat community and by others around the world.  The Canadian Expat is thrilled to announce the winner of the Most Influential Canadian Expat.

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Walk Off the Earth March to Their Own Beat

Walk Off the Earth March to Their Own Beat

The Canadian Expat Talks to Marshall from WOTE About Becoming Famous & Touring the World

WOTE Windowsill 400x328Have you ever wanted to watch someone play the song “Rude” by Magic on a guitar bigger than he is? Or hear a cover of Adele’s “Hello” played using a surfboard, trouser zips, plastic tubes and a tap solo? If so, there is a Youtube channel you should be following.

Walk Off the Earth are a Canadian band who have rocketed to international fame with their unexpected and quirky covers. From filming low budget homemade videos to signing a record deal and touring the world, their journey is a fascinating one.


Although many videos feature guest appearances from other musicians, the core members of the band are Ryan Marshall, Sarah Blackwood, Gianni Luminati, Mike Taylor and Joel Cassady. They grew up in the same town together and all played in different bands over the years, until they eventually started working together. Originating in Burlington, Ontario, the five piece ensemble are known for goose-bump-inducing vocal harmonies and their creative ways of making a beat.

In one of their recent videos they cover "Shape of you” by Ed Sheeran with drainage pipes, children's toys and some cereal in a Tupperware container. (Keep watching the video for something awesome at the 3:05 mark).

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Element of Truth

Moon over mountainElement of Truth

Scientist and Canadian Expat Derek Muller Offers Entertainment and Education via Youtube 

Did you know that if the earth and the moon were the size of a basketball and a tennis ball, they would be about 8 metres apart? Or that the earth is roughly 4.54 billion years old, not millions of years as many people believe? 

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Little Canada in Big Tokyo

Little Canada in Big Tokyo

1Dru Tang is a Canadian blogger and honorary Tokyoite. The man behind HinoMaple’s Guidebook and their concierge service that helps travelers find their way across the sprawling metropolis and the rest of the country. Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C, Dru has lived in Tokyo since 2005. During the first 6 months of living here, he set out to explore every corner of Tokyo, getting lost hundreds of times while gathering a vast array of knowledge of the immense megalopolis’ unique culinary and cultural offerings. Dru takes us on a crash course through all the haut-eats in Tokyo, with one catch—they all have to be Canadian!


We first meet up to catch a coffee and an early bite at The Canadian Coffee House, or literally カナディアンコーヒーハウス (Canadian Ko-Hee House) in Tama city. This local staple, with its distinctive building and roof, has been a namesake of the area for over 34 years.

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Virtual Food for Thought

Virtual Food for Thought

A Canadian Couple’s take on the culinary world in Asia

SimonMartinaDo you like to eat? And wish eating was your day job? Well, for two Canadians residing in Japan tasting the best food the world has to offer, this is their bread and butter (so to speak). Along with their cheerfully ‘ugly’ (as Simon likes to describe him) rescue dog, Spudgy, and their grumpy cat Meemers, these Canucks are taking over the YouTube foodie world one bite at a time.

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2017 Most Influential Canadian Expat Vote

Most influential Canadian Expat Logo

Representing an incredibly rich and valuable resource for Canada and the world, Canadians living and working abroad are directly and indirectly responsible for billions of dollars in bilateral trade. They are exceptionally well educated, linguistically adept and culturally bilingual. They are cultural, economic and even political ambassadors.

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