8 Worst Places to Be An Expat

AmericanFlag1) The United States of America
Being an Expat in the United States, especially coming from Canada, can be a seamless yet difficult transition. With so many things similar, ranging from culture to lifestyle, there are also a lot of aspects of daily life that are difficult to adjust to. One major aspect that ranks the U.S. lower on the list is the health care situation, along with the focus on politics. For us Canadians, it’s just not different enough to feel like you are moving to a new country.



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10 Best Countries to be an Expat

1) Ecuador

The tiny country of Ecuador is high on the list of the best places to be an Expat. With friendly natives, it is easy to settle into this country and make a home for yourself. You should have no trouble making friends with the locals. The average age of an Ecuadorian Expat is more than 40 - it’s a great place to retire to!



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10 Top Reasons to Become an Expat

1. Experience different cultures by immersion

 While Canada is a wonderful hodgepodge of different cultures, the best way to experience any culture is by fully immersing yourself in it. It’s proven that the fastest way to pick up a language is to give yourself no other option. If you’re looking to experience different cultures, drop yourself in that environment and see how quickly you pick up the customs and traditions of that locale.


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