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1. Experience different cultures by immersion

 While Canada is a wonderful hodgepodge of different cultures, the best way to experience any culture is by fully immersing yourself in it. It’s proven that the fastest way to pick up a language is to give yourself no other option. If you’re looking to experience different cultures, drop yourself in that environment and see how quickly you pick up the customs and traditions of that locale.



2. Live unconventionally

The Expatriate life lends itself to the exciting - to something more interesting than the standard 9-5, house-and-husband kind of life. From a life at sea, to living in a tree house, the Expatriate style of living gives you more out-there options.




3. Expand independance

Whether you’ve been living in mom’s basement, or just simply have never left the town you grew up in, becoming an Expatriate forces you to recognize a level of independence you never knew you had. From travelling alone, to experiencing a different continent solo, the ability to rely solely on yourself will come to the forefront of your experiences.






4. Abandon fear

One adventure will always lead to another. Abandoning your fear of the unknown once - heading to a different place to work and live - means you likely won’t set down roots in that location either. Once you cast aside any doubts or uncertainties, the world is truly your oyster.




5. Follow your heart

Maybe you’re headed away from your homeland because the love of your life is too. Moving to a new country, support system built in, can make the process easier. Adjustment to Expatriate life might be better hand in hand!




6. Break from routine

If you’re tired of the 9-5, or of driving the same streets you’ve been driving for the last 20 years, perhaps this is a golden opportunity to get out of the rut you’re in. Get out there, and get lost!




7. Grasp employment opportunities

Perhaps your chosen career field does not offer a lot of opportunities in your hometown - or province, or country! Many fields, especially the liberal arts and sciences, have a multitude of opportunities elsewhere. What a great excuse to move somewhere new!




8. Make connections

Ever wanted a cheap vacation getaway? Being able to couch surf your way around the world makes travelling a lot more convenient. As an Expat, you’re likely to make friends and connections with other Expats - and if they ever return home, or embark on a new adventure somewhere else, you’ve got a couch to crash on.






9. Find family and friends

Heritage has always been a fascinating subject. All we know about our roots are that we should have connections to both Malta and Scotland. Instead of tracking down family through, why not uproot to find your roots? Head abroad armed with the determination to find relatives wherever your family is from.



10. Learn new ways of doing things
Where I live now is a very vehicle-powered city, but around the world there are a variety of ways to get from Point A to Point B. Learn to bike-commute or even boat-commute, depending on where you end up. And travel isn’t the only thing to learn a new way of doing - from simple communication to day to day work to buying groceries - there might be a new way to do just about everything

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