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1) Ecuador

The tiny country of Ecuador is high on the list of the best places to be an Expat. With friendly natives, it is easy to settle into this country and make a home for yourself. You should have no trouble making friends with the locals. The average age of an Ecuadorian Expat is more than 40 - it’s a great place to retire to!




2) Singapore

Singapore offers itself up as one of the cleanest countries in the world. The high standards of cleanliness are perfect for neat-freaks and perfections - or just for someone who wants regular trash pick up. Perhaps the cleanliness is what leads to its low crime rate. Singapore also has a very well developed educational system, focusing on maths and sciences.



3) Spain

The weather in Spain is what draws most Expats to this country. On average there are more than 320 days of sunshine throughout the year. With its warm weather attraction, it is no wonder that the love of the sandy beach is a reason many Expats call Spain their home. It is hard to beat the warm winters and dry climate anywhere else.



4) Australia

Spain does not have the monopoly on warm weather - the sunny sky is what brings a lot of Expats to Australia as well. The ocean views and wide variety of scenery options gives Australia its pull. Where else can you ski and surf in the same day? Australia also has plenty of employment opportunities for a wide range of career choices.


5) Switzerland

If you are looking for a place where you can trust the government, look no further than Spain. The organizational structure and enhanced communication levels allow even a new Expat to the country the ability to understand government decisions without a lot of spin. Switzerland is also rated very highly when it comes to safety standards. Mom and dad back home will worry less about you if you choose to Expatriate to Spain.




6) Thailand

Thailand is a country that knows the value of a dollar - and your toonie will go further in Thailand than many other countries. Because it is a central hub and has easy access to technological goods, most products can be sold at a more reasonable price. Food, lodging and transportation are also available for less cost in Thailand.



7) Germany

If you are looking for a new permanent location, Germany is a good choice for the family-minded Expat. This country has not suffered from the property boom and bust that so many other European countries went through. With houses available at reasonable prices, and low tax rates, you can turn your house into a home without worrying about your bottom line.




8) Russia

You may not think of Russia as the home of love, but if you’re an Expat traveling the world single, you might find romance in this country. Russia also has more recognition for non-traditional career opportunities, especially the arts - you have not seen theatre until you have seen it in Russia. It’s bustling nightlife never ends, and you can find something to do in this country at all hours of the day and night.




9) France

Not only are there career opportunities to anyone seeking steady work, the benefits of living in France are endless. From the delicious breads, wines and cheeses to working benefits such as five weeks of paid leave a year - why have you not packed yet? On a massive intercity transit system, you can easily explore the entire country on the weekends.




10) Vietnam

Another Asian country makes the list of the best places for an Expat to live. Not only do the Vietnamese love Expats, there is always another adventure waiting for you in this beautiful country.The cost of living is also extremely low - you can live a year in Vietnam for about $15,000.




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