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AmericanFlag1) The United States of America
Being an Expat in the United States, especially coming from Canada, can be a seamless yet difficult transition. With so many things similar, ranging from culture to lifestyle, there are also a lot of aspects of daily life that are difficult to adjust to. One major aspect that ranks the U.S. lower on the list is the health care situation, along with the focus on politics. For us Canadians, it’s just not different enough to feel like you are moving to a new country.




GreekImage2) Greece
While Greece offers a beautiful landscape for any relocating Expat, the working life in this country make it a poor choice for career-minded Expats. Currently fighting to recover from a massive economic downturn, Greece has more low-paid jobs than high-paid ones, and poor job security. If you are looking for temporary work however, this may be the country to move to.




IrelandLandscape3) Ireland
Ireland is again another beautiful background for the Expat lifestyle, and provides adventure-minded explorers or history buffs with a great locale. However, the economy and low wages do not leave a lot of pocket or spending money in the Expat’s pocket. For the Expat family, there are also not a lot of childcare options, and the ones available leave much to be desired.



ItaliImage4) Italy
Who doesn’t love Italians? Unfortunately for Expats, love might not be enough in this beautiful country. Expats typically find their paycheques are lower than they were at home, and that jobs don’t offer as much in the way of a rewarding career. Italy also has higher taxes than many other countries, so that already lower paycheque is being dinged by more taxes.



UKImage5) United Kingdom
Surprisingly, the Queen’s country has a low overall quality of life. Across the board, from settling in and making friends, to finding stable employment, much seems to be missing from life in the UK. If you are not part of the royal family (or obsessed with the adorable royal babies) you may want to look elsewhere as an Expat.

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BrazilImage6) Brazil
When people from Brazil travel to other countries, their bubbly attitudes always make it seem like this country is the place to be. It turns out that the 24/7 party culture can be difficult to adapt to, and the locals tend to stick to themselves. This makes it difficult for Expats to settle into the area and find a sense of permanence. Brazil is also experience a rough economical situation these days, so finding a job might be difficult.





SaudiImage7) Saudi Arabia
Countries in this area do not attract a lot of Expats, which is why a place like Saudi Arabia might not be set up well for Expat life. There are very few leisure activities available in this country - you go to work, and you come home, with little in between. Choices for dining out, staying out, or exploring are limited due to the rough nature of this area.




KuwaitCity8) Kuwait
Kuwait is in much the same point as Saudi Arabia, except the people in this country seem even more ill-prepared to receive and accept Expats into their world. It can be difficult to make friends, find a job, and even find housing in Kuwait. The cultural specificities can make it difficult to adapt, requiring a level of finesse you may not possess. The Middle East does not seem like the best choice for Expats these days.



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