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Does My Spouse Become a Canadian Citizen When We Get Married?

Not surprisingly, this is actually one of the most common questions that we receive when it comes to immigration issues for Expats. However, the short answer to this is unfortunately, “No.”  Your spouse does not automatically become a Canadian Citizen when you get married.  In fact, he or she is not automatically eligible for even permanent residence status.  The road to citizenship follows the same path as those that do not have family connections.  An important number to remember is 1,095.  This is the number of days out of five years that one must be present in Canada in order to be eligible for Canadian Citizenship.

You may be asking, “So, what status does my spouse have?” The answer again, is that your spouse has no automatic status in Canada.  You can however, apply to sponsor your spouse, which if approved will grant him or her Permanent Residence status in Canada.  Assuming that all of the paper work has been completed correctly and all the necessary documents and fees have been submitted, the process time is currently at about 60 days but this can change at any time.

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Allan Head Shot SmallAllan Nichols lived in Japan for close to 10 years, representing Canadian and other international destinations along with luxury tourism products to both wholesale and retail travel agencies throughout Asia. As an expat, he relied heavily on the personal networks he formed between other Canadians, Canadian business councils, Chambers of Commerce and the Canadian Embassies and Consulates that are located around the world.  

Eventually, Allan moved back to Canada with his Japanese wife and two children, both whom were born in Japan. 

Allan understands the emotional and energy intensive work that is associated with bringing family members back to Canada.  Feel free to send an Email to Allan should you have any questions.

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