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In order to provide some information (as it pertains to Canadian Expats) regarding the federal election scheduled for October 19, the Canadian Expat asked the four main political parties (the Conservatives; Liberals. New Democrats and the Greens) two straightforward questions Here is the Liberal's response:  View the NDP's response here : NDP's RESPONSE



1. In your Party’s view what value do Canadian Expats provide to Canada?

The Canadian expatriate community is essential to our continued economic and cultural success. Canada has one of the most open and trade-dependent economies in the world. Liberals know the value of making sure that Canadian values and ideals are represented internationally, and a vibrant and engaged expatriate community is key to that. Canada’s diversity and connections to the world are amongst our greatest economic assets in an increasingly inter-connected global economy.

2. Is there value in encouraging Canadian Expats to vote in Canadian elections while they are living and working abroad?

Yes. Liberals know that elections are the cornerstone of representative democracy; they are the mechanism by which Canadians put trust in elected officials. We believe that all Canadians should have a right to vote, no matter where they live, and we are committed to ensuring that this is the case. The Conservative government’s misguided attempts to strip Canadian expatriates of their voting rights is yet another example of their devaluing of Canadian citizenship. Despite their rhetoric, there is not a single recorded incident of ‘vote shopping’ or other systemic violations by those living abroad. These changes are solution in search of a problem that does not exist.

A Liberal government will restore the integrity of our electoral process and improve the fairness of our elections for all Canadians, regardless of where they live. We will provide Elections Canada with the resources it needs to investigate voter fraud and suppression, illegal financing, and other matters that threaten the integrity of our electoral process. We will also remove the muzzle the Conservatives have placed on the Chief Electoral Officer, and ensure this official, and Elections Canada, have the tools and mandate to encourage more Canadians to vote. We will restore the independence of the Commissioner of Canada Elections so that they are freely able to prosecute electoral violations, and are accountable to Parliament and not the government of the day.

Please visit for more details on the policies and priorities of a Liberal government.

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