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Cdn Expat logo 2014As some of you may know the Supreme Court of Canada is going to hear the case of Gillian Frank, et al. v. Attorney General of Canada. The outcome of this hearing will determine if Canadian Citizens who are non-residents are allowed the right to vote in a federal election.

At the Canadian Expat, we believe every Canadian citizen, regardless of whether they live in Canada or not, has the right to take part in the democratic process.

To that end we are working with the law firm Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP (Calgary) in order to seek Intervenor Status in the case. By granting us the status of Intervenor, the Supreme Court of Canada will use information that we provide to decide if the eventual outcome may affect the rights of non-parties (such as The Canadian Expat and its membership) who ideally should have the right to be heard.

It is important to note that achieving success with this case will impact how the Supreme Court of Canada views the rights of Canadian Expats and the significance of their involvement and contributions to Canada. There will be direct implications on our other advocacy efforts, particularly on our appeal for the Canadian government to recognize children born abroad to Canadian Expat parents. The importance of this case cannot be overstated.

We will keep you posted as we work through the process.


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