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Microgaming and the Art of Giving

An essential aspect of any successful business is giving back to the community, achieved in numerous ways. A current case was that of the company Microgaming and their support towards victims of sexual violence.

Microgaming is an award-winning company that started in 1994 and is amongst the leading software developers of online casino games. Majority of the top online casinos today use games developed by Microgaming including the ever-famous progressive slots that can lead to some life-changing wins. When ranking the best Microgaming based sites, high-rated functionality is something that is always evident in all of them. Factors such as banking and software get equal importance that makes playing on these online casinos enjoyable, safe, and profitable.

The Microgaming Health and Care Trust is an initiative by the company to provide people in need with the best support possible. The aim is not just to provide financial support, but also to help individuals and organisations with training. This results in confident and skilful members of the society. The Trust has been involved with charities across the board providing backing and attention as needed. 


Recently, the Trust funded the training of staff at Victim Support in Isle of Mann, an initiative wherein the team will now have access to a professional network in addition to top end training. This will enable them to tackle cases of every nature. Furthermore, Microgaming Trust often works in collaboration with other charities for the benefit of the greater good such as providing the Isle of Mann health services with heart equipment. Similarly, they donated to the Nobel’s Hospital for a simulation system that will train staff for various incidents as well as £10,000 to the Manx Breast Cancer Support Group.

Microgaming backed online casinos have typically performed well and are among the highest rated in the industry. The diversity in the games offered as well as rewards, instant payments, and mobile app options make them genuinely versatile and a delight to visit. Options like Casinoland are especially perfect for Canadian players who enjoy the charm of online casinos both as a pastime and to make some cash on the side. The trust factor in Microgaming online casinos is why they are the preferred choice for so many gamblers.

Furthermore, online casinos, in a general sense, have proved their mantle in the entertainment business by providing pleasurable ways to make money while travelling. A person can be a Canadian expat and still play online casinos from faraway places. They can play from the comfort of their home or while waiting for a bus. Then there is the use of technology and continued advancements that make the entire experience smooth and packed with new features. Microgaming has been at the forefront of it all, and their passion for helping people and promoting the industry has transformed them into a positive and leading company in the world.   

There is no doubt that online casinos are a thriving business for anyone associated with the industry. From the players who often win big through the games to the shareholders of the companies, there is money to be made everywhere. Add to that the various technological and digital businesses that complement online casinos, and we are looking at job creation as well as a stable and structured income source like no other. Microgaming is an asset to the online casino world, one that sincerely believes in the art of giving.

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