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Are Canadian Expats In Hong Kong In Danger? Canadian Expat Interview #10

With all that is going on, one could certainly be excused for questioning the safety of Canadians that are living in Hong Kong.  To find out what things are really like, we spoke with Andrew Work about the impact that the protests in the region have on Canadians that live there along with the business opportunities in Hong Kong.

Andrew explains the situation to us, how it started, where it is now and where it might lead in the future.  This is an in-depth discussion that goes a long way past the headlines and looks at what Canadians expats in Hong Kong could be up against.  

Clearly, the protests and subsequent threats from both the local government in Hong Kong along with the support of Beijing is disruptive to life in this amazing city.  However, the disruption to the lives and in many cases, the livelihood of Canadians living in the region is being impacted as well. This is unfortunate as Andrew explains, Canadians living abroad in Hong Kong make significant contributions to Canadians back home.

Regardless of how you cut it, we wish all the best to the people of Hong Kong and to the Canadian Expat population living there as well.


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