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Can Canadian Companies in China Succeed With the Current Political Situation?

Mathiew Cormier the Executive Director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai moved from the Quebec Government office in China to being a private consultant, finally ending up with the chamber just over 5 months ago.  We discussed opportunities for Canadian Companies under a difficult political situation and he lays out suggestions for Canadians thinking about bringing a product to the Chinese market.


“Canadian companies such as Manulife have been in China for a very long time” explains Cormier.  “Some for over 100 years.” In 2008 the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai separated from the existing Canada China Business Council.  Now with 170 corporate members, they represent a huge variety of industries working in China.  

When asked if there are still opportunities in China under the current political climate between Canada and China, Mathieu states very clearly that there are a huge number of Canadian companies that are doing very well despite what is happening on the diplomatic front.  He mentions that due to the changing market in China from a manufacturing/export market to more of a consumer-based market, there are fantastic opportunities available to Canadian companies in China.

Watch the video for details.

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