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Where are the best countries for Canadians to retire abroad?

Canadians have been looking abroad to retire for a very long time. Many snowbirds have looked south and there are lots of great reasons to do so.  Watch our video on this topic here.  Don't forget to like the video and subscribe:

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Retirement is a period of our life that we all hope to reach.  Some will get there sooner than others. Today on the Canadian Expat, we ask, What are some easy places for Canadians to Retire to abroad?

It is not uncommon for us to get questions about countries that we would consider great places to retire to.  As you can imagine, this is a very difficult question to respond to as the definition of “a great country to retire to” is highly subjective.   If you think heat and beaches are great, perhaps a country in the south would be good for you. Or, perhaps you would rather be in a country with a culture that is a bit more familiar.  That might be a big factor. Costs, availability of health care, language, culture, temperature, humidity, access from Canada. These are just some of the factors that should be considered.  

For the purpose of this article and video, we are highlighting 5 regions in the world that are generally considered easy places for Canadians to spend retirement. We rated each country in terms of Cost of living, Quality of Health Care, Accessibility from Canada, The Climate, how easy it would be to get by linguistically, and the presence of a community of Expats, which is an important factor for retirement.  It is important for me to emphasize here that the idea is to rate places for retirement when the appetite is not so much to experience a different culture but rather ease into the next stage of life.



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