Living and Working in India

Canada and India have had a deep connection for decades. Not only is Canada home to many citizens with Indian heritage, but there have also been several business partnerships between the two countries that have led to work opportunities on both sides. The booming technology sector in India has made it a global centre with large multinationals opening up offices in the country.

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Focus on Japan LogoFocus on Japan - Canada Japan Relations

89 years ago, in January of 1928, Canada and Japan formalized diplomatic relations with the opening of the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo.  This stands as Canada's oldest mission in Asia, third outside the Commonwealth following Washington and Paris. 7 months later, in July, Japan reciprocated by opening their embassy in Ottawa.  Today, there are few countries that share closer bonds than Canada and Japan.  Of course,  one would be mistaken to say that things have always been good between us, with nothing short of war breaking the friendship for a number of years.  But this is history.  Indeed a dark and not insignificant chunk of history, but nonetheless history.  Since then our relationship has grown strong economically, socially and politically.  The Japanese Embassy in Canada sites just over 10,000 Canadian Expats currently in living in Japan (December 2016).  These individuals are operating businesses (Canadian Coffee Shop), are bloggers (Vloggers), artists, educators, individuals working to grow Canadian corporate investment in Japan, while others are working for Japanese firms assisting those organizations to grow their ties with Canada and the rest of the world.  The value of the trade between Canada and Japan had grown to almost $27 billion in bilateral trade in 2016.

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Executive Director Spotlight: Jim Zhang of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Canadians are, by nature an opportunistic people.  After all, Canada was formed by individuals seeking new opportunities in a new land.  That spirit has never died.  When we seek out economic opportunities now, we often look outwards to countries that we may need to relocate to, or take our businesses to. When we decide to do this, working with a local Canadian Chamber of Commerce or Business Council in the region can provide a wealth of resources to help get started and subsequently grow. Jim Zhang, Executive Director with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan let us know a little bit about himself, and his role.  He helped give us some insight on what he does, how the chamber can benefit businesses, and how being a part of the chamber has provided him with new opportunities.


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Canadian Government consultingCanadian Government Invites Canadian Expats’ Views on NAFTA

Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs in a statement on June 3rd, is reaching out to Canadians regardless of where they might live to provide insight into NAFTA as the government prepares to negotiate with the US.  Canadian Expats and particularly those living in the United States and Mexico are in a unique situation to provide an informative narrative on how NAFTA affects their lives and work.

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New Trowbridge Logo 2015It sounds like an exciting proposition…offering your employees the opportunity to move abroad. And easy too. Isn’t that what every employee is hoping for? The perception is that everyone would like the opportunity to travel and live in new locales and have their job waiting for them to do it.

However, it may be more difficult than you think. Not everyone is interested, and the ones that are, need to be the ‘right’ ones.

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