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Living and Working in India

Canada and India have had a deep connection for decades. Not only is Canada home to many citizens with Indian heritage, but there have also been several business partnerships between the two countries that have led to work opportunities on both sides. The booming technology sector in India has made it a global centre with large multinationals opening up offices in the country.


As a result, expats from across the world are now part of the growing and ever-evolving Indian business environment. For Canadians, there are options aplenty if they want to take up residency in a foreign country, however, when expanding business horizons, India poses as a great option to work for a few years. The vibrancy of the country is extraordinary, and knowing a little about the traditions and practices can go a long way when having to adapt to new surroundings.   

Working culture

Much has been said about the somewhat laidback working lifestyle of India, and while some of it might be true, the fact remains that when it comes to working in offices of big corporations, the professionalism is of the highest order. There are still adjustments that one has to make, especially if they are coming in from a foreign country. These characteristics are more local and differ from company to company. Keeping an open mind always helps as does an attitude to mingle with the other employees, just like anywhere else in the world. More often than not, you will find Indians to be welcoming and always ready to help you settle in. Guests are always treated with much enthusiasm so expect lots of selfies and handshakes, not only in the office but especially when you travel around to the touristy places of the country.   

Housing and driving

With a rise of expat travel in the country, there has been a tremendous increase in apartment living. Apartments are available for rent, and you can have a beautiful little space in a gated community at a much lower price than at home. The added benefits of having a gym, swimming pool, garden, all help with settling in better, so it is essential that when searching for a home, you not only look at the apartment but the entire complex as well. Driving though is a whole different story, and if your company is not providing you with a car and a driver, then it is recommended to hire a cab or Uber your way to work.        

festivalhands smallFestivals

Half the fun of being an expat and living in a foreign country is enjoying the local traditions and festivities. India is impressive in that respect as there are countless events, religious and otherwise, taking place throughout the year. From the madness of Holi, the festival of colours, to the shimmering bright lights during Diwali, the festival of lights, and the deliciousness of having kebabs from street stands around Eid, the beauty in diversity is truly exceptional and one of the main reasons why so many Canadians choose India as a country they want to explore while working abroad.

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