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Japan is an absolutely amazing country to visit, rich with culture that has not been overtly touristized (yes, I made up that word). The last few years however have seen the number of foreign travelers increase many times over.  At one time, not that long ago, it was relatively uncommon to find visitors from other countries even at some of the more favorite spots.  The opposite is true now with many of the truly famous sights being visited more frequently by foreigners than by the Japanese themselves.  It seems that the world has discovered Japan as a destination. 

Not only has the world discovered Japan, but Japan has also discovered that in-bound tourism can significantly support local economies.  As a result, Japan has unleashed a marketing monster on the world and the expectation is that leading up to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, there will be a tripling of the number of visitors to cross the seas in search of green tea, golden temples, and sushi to-die-for.  However, as anyone that has worked in tourism knows, from the time the marketing engine kicks in until the tsunami of tourists land on the shores, it will normally take between 12 to 18 months.  In other words, if you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the rising sun without fighting for a position, 2018 is the year for you.  It is still not too late.

Where To Visit

The Japanese themselves love to talk about how small their country is but in reality, Japan is a series of long narrow islands that cover a large area. The north Island of Hokkaido is famous for grand ski resorts in the winter and glowing farm lands in the spring and fall.  The main island of Honshu (where Tokyo is located) has absolutely incredible vistas over their self-proclaimed Japanese-alps. The cities are chalk full of high culture, amazing restaurants and brilliant colours.  The islands are replete with spring and fall festivals and the people are warm and friendly.  In the far south, the Okinawan Islands are a beach seeker’s paradise.  White sand surrounds the islands that boast a unique culture and cuisine from the mainland Japan.  In short, where you visit and when to visit is an impossible question to answer as the country has everything for everyone.

Suggestions To Visit

The mountain city of Takayama is a must see. Everyone knows about the temples of Kyoto but what many people don’t realize is that the artisans, architects and carpenters that built Kyoto were, for the most part recruited from Takayama.  Eventually, those people returned to the mountains and brought with them a desire to build an amazing little city. This jewel of a destination is like a small Kyoto without the crowds but with all of the culture.

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