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Like all of us Expats, at some point over the next few months, you will be asking yourself if you will want to make the trip back home for holidays. The holidays that I’m referring to might be your summer holidays, Christmas holidays, spring holidays or perhaps the opportunity to take an ad hoc holiday.  Regardless, the point is that at some point, you will have to make a decision as to whether or not you will want to make the trip back to the country that you call ‘Home’. 

 A great deal needs to be weighed when deciding to make these trips as the decision to go should not be taken lightly. After all, this is your hard earned time off and visiting family and friends might not be as restful as you would like.  Here is some advice should you decide to make the trip.

Planning Is Important

The expectations that can be placed on you by family and friends that remain back home can be significant. It is crucial that you make some definite plans and be prepared to defend those plans as you will undoubtedly be asked to change them.  Don’t be afraid to be greedy with your time and let your family and friends know exactly when and how long you will have to spend with them.  There is considerable time and money that will go into this trip, to make it wake sure that it doesn’t take a toll on you psychologically, figure out where you will draw the line.

Understand Why You Are Visiting

This might sound like a no brainer, but having a clear definition of what this trip is about will help you plan and then defend the trip. Rarely do trips home fall into the Leisure category, you will be expected to visit family and friends and will have to ration your time carefully.  If you can define why you are going, it will help a great deal.  Are you going to show Grandparents the kids?  Then the bulk of your time should be doing exactly that.  No need to ignore your friends from high school, but understanding that Grandparents take priority will help.

Find a Base

A base camp that is central will prove to be very useful. If you select a spot that is not central, you will spend a great deal of time on the road.  Avoid this and use your time wisely.  A ‘best practice’ might be whenever possible, get your friends to travel to you. 

With family, this might be a bit more difficult but as a compromise, try to get extended family to come together in a single spot, even if this isn’t where you might be staying. Again, it’s all about using time wisely.

It is important to realize that your friends and family do not necessarily understand the amount of effort and expense that goes into trips like this. Helping them understand why you are visiting will help you defend your schedule.

Beach TravelTack on a True Holiday

A trip home requires expense, time and effort. You will be exhausted and that exhaustion can lead to friction with your loved ones and your employer here once you return to your adopted country and workplace.  One way of combating this, is to make sure that you add time for yourselves.  Whether that means spending a weekend somewhere else back home, or making sure that you have an extended stayover on the way back, make time for yourself.  Go skiing, hit the beach, hike in the mountains, anything to reset your mind and soul prior to returning.

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About the Author

Allan Nichols lived in Japan for close to 10 years, representing Canadian and other international destinations along with luxury tourism products to both wholesale and retail travel agencies throughout Asia. As an expat, he relied heavily on the personal networks he formed between other Canadians, Canadian business councils, Chambers of Commerce and the Canadian Embassies and Consulates that are located around the world.  

Allan understands travel from multiple angles and enjoys nothing more than telling stories and assisting others with their travel needs. 

Whether it be for Leisure, Corporate, Luxury or Budget Travel, there are no barriers to Allan. Send him an email with your needs (and wants).  He would love to help.

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